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    Range of Services - Methodology - Fees

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    Market Surveys & Competition Analysis

    Earlier market intelligence research we have conducted for major companies :

    • M Brain
    • Global Intelligence Alliance
    • Fusion Consulting Hong Kong

    have included research on :

    - Global Logistics trends

    - Specialized warehousing in Hong Kong and Singapore

    - Power Tools

    - Electrical LED market

    - and more

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    Logistics Planning

    Logistics services essentially in order to :

    - Selecting appropriate providers

    - Determining optimum shipping costs

    - Identifying appropriate solutions for transportation and warehousing


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    Our Methodology for foreign buyers or sellers

    The following services are designed to save you time and guarantee the maximum success  from the 1st visit, in your business negotiation in Asia.
    Living and working in the Greater China area with frequent visits to ASEAN countries since 1989, we have developed an experience with local companies that generally includes :
    • Identifiying the appropriate companies buying or selling
    • Identifying the most competent decision makers
    • Observing a sense of protocol
    • Using appropriate communication
    • Doing the necessary follow up
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    Our Fee Structure

    Concerning your coming prospection, we would like to propose the following services :


    Service 1 For research only (initial full payment)
    • Selecting the most appropriate companies
    • Providing recent news and available analysis related to these companies
    • Assisting in the client correspondence and the preparation of your trip once your trip is confirmed with dates of arrival and departures


    Service 2 For visits (daily fee)

    • Visiting clients together with you, in HongKong and eventually in China
    • Providing feedbacks on visits made
    • Providing translation in English / Chinese / English
    • Maintaining contacts with companies visited
    Further assistance could be added based on market conditions.
    Contact us for more information.